• Image of Wabi-sabi Bamboo Cup (LARGE)
  • Image of Wabi-sabi Bamboo Cup (LARGE)

So fuss-free and lovely, these 100% natural bamboo drinking cups are perfect for any organic or earth-loving kitchen.

There are no two cups exactly alike, and we love that! :) Wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a Japanese world view that is best translated as "perfection in imperfection" - the beautiful acceptance of transience. Your very own bamboo cup is something unique and special that you can treasure for this moment in time.

Measurements (approximate): 7.5cm (3") wide, 14cm (5.5") tall*

Super smooth - they feel great! These are the perfect match for our 20cm reusable bamboo drinking straws! Choosing to use a totally from-earth product is a little meditation on our connection to our land.

*Note: Please note that due to natural bamboo growth, every cup is unique and measurements are approximate only.

Small sizes are available as a set.

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