• Image of 100% Natural Soap Bars
  • Image of 100% Natural Soap Bars

Choose 3 surprise soaps for a discount!

Handmade in the old, traditional way - our soaps retain the benefits of the essential oils and spices that we add for nourishment.

Our bars are made with coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, castor oil and shea butter which preserve the skin’s moisture. NO palm oil, NO parabens, NO SLS, NO animal testing. Nothing you can't pronounce. Vegan-friendly.

All-natural and gentle, safe for face, hair and body! Especially handy for travel!

Add a luffa bag scrubbie for an all-natural scrub down!

BAMBOO CHARCOAL: Antioxidants, anti-bacterial
CLOVE: Anti-fungal, warming, herby
HONEY AND OATMEAL: Soothing, moisturising, anti-bacterial, good for dry skin
LEMONGRASS: Rejuvenating, anti-bacterial, smells like a holiday!
MANGOSTEEN PEEL: Antioxidants, refines pores, good for mature skin
ORANGE CINNAMON: Antioxidants, Scrub, refreshing, smells like Christmas!
SEA SALT AND PERILLA SEED: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, good for dry or mature skin
PEPPERMINT: Refreshing and energising